You can contact "info@payofin.com" for your questions and requests.

#What should I pay attention to within the scope of PDPB?

The customer (end user) transfers the information regarding the payment method, membership and order to Foy Bill Payment Institution A. consents to the processing and storage of the Privacy Policy at the address "https://www.payofin.com/gizlilik-ilkeleri" as described in the most up-to-date version.

#TLS 1.2 necessity

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Board (PCI SSC) has required all credit card processors to communicate with the current TLS version. As a result of this requirement, TLS 1.2 must be used in HTTPS connection when accessing all payofin services.

#Which programming languages do you support?

Our system works over the common protocol of the internet, http, regardless of the programming language and platform. Basically, you are sending the parameters we requested from you to a url address determined within the framework of certain rules, with the http POST method. If your post request is successful, the system will return a response to you. You will take the necessary actions according to this response you have received. All this process we mentioned above is programming language and platform independent. You can integrate with all programming languages such as PHP, .Net, Java, Asp.

#How can I join Payofin?

You can become a member of payofin.com by filling out the BE A PAYOFIN member form at https://www.payofin.com/.

#Why is SSL Required?

SSL is important for anyone who considers the security of data online, that is, in the digital world. With online shopping, the security and securing of personal data such as name, address, e-mail along with card information becomes even more important.

#How can I access the administration panel?

You can log in to the Administration panel at https://merchant.payofin.com/oturum-ac.