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This document contains the technical details of the Invoice Collection system to be used between the member businesses.

Definition and Purpose

With the invoice collection system in member workplaces, invoice debt inquiries and collections are made online from some institutions, and for some institutions, collections will be made offline.

Invoice Collection Platform uses the most up-to-date technologies and is a structure that continues to be renewed in accordance with developing technologies, business requirements and legal regulations. Currently, it only provides Invoice, Tax and SGK Collection Services, but it is a structure that will allow different services to be made, paid or purchased in the near future.

About API

Payofin services work with JSON – POST and GET methods. The service addresses given below for each service are added to the end of the test or prod domains, and the parameters given below are POSTed as JSON objects to the URL, which is also detailed below for each service.

API Usage

The fields to be used in Request may vary depending on the method being called.

In all requests, the “ApiKey” and “SecretKey” parameters must be sent in the header. In addition, the requested client "Ip"address must be previously defined in the system.

In all methods to be used, the date field should be sent in yyyy-mm-dd format.

e.g.: 2021-01-01
Test Url: https://api-test.payofin.com
Prod Url: https://api.payofin.com

for successful results in all transactions;

     "result": true,
    "resultCode": 1,
    "resultMessage": "İşlem Başarılı"

as it returns. Other error codes are explained in the "Api Service Response Codes and Explanations section. In addition, error codes and content are returned by the API according to the operation.